Sher’s Asian Green Mussle
  • Danshui in Taipei has beautiful landscape and fine delicacies. The region is famed for good quality of Asian green mussel. This delicacy has attracted many tourists each weekend.
    Sher’s Asian Green Mussel is a store located in Danshui Old St.. It’s the first store that specializes in Asian green mussel in the region. The fresh Asian green mussel goes perfectly with specially-made sauce.
  • Store in Danshui

    The store has been running business in Danshui for over 30 years. It has already become a must-try restaurant for gourmets. the restaurant provides the freshest seafood for customers.
  • Signature Asian Green Mussel

    There are Asian green mussel from Taiwan and New Zealand. The one from New Zealand is juicy and large. The signature dish is to stir-fry the green mussel with ginger and garlic.
  • Stir-fried Asian green mussel

    The Asian green mussel goes perfectly with specially-made garlic sauce. You will be enthralled by the simple yet delectable taste.
  • Deep-fried Oyster

    The oyster is deep-fried until it becomes crumbly. You can dip a little bit pepper salt when savoring. The snack is loved by tourists.
  • Stir-fried Chicken with Sesame Oil

    Stir-fried chicken with sesame oil is one signature Taiwanese dish. The robust scent and fine taste is perfect to be enjoyed with plain white rice.
  • Stir-fried Mushroom with Sesame Oil

    Stir-fried mushroom with sesame oil is a distinctive dish. There are konjac jelly, basil leaves, sliced gingercontained in the dish.
  • Store information

    【Opening hours】
    ˙Weekday: 1100-2100
    ˙Weekend: 1030-2200
    (Closed on Chinese new year’s eve)

    ˙The store has been running business for 30 years, and is well-known in local region.
    ˙There are all kinds of delicacies in the restaurant where you can have a wonderful feast.
    ˙There are seats beside the window which will allow you to admire beautiful seaview.
    ˙The store is available for credit card.

    ˙Combo dishes: There are different rates of combo dishes, including 2200 NTD, 2500 NTD, 3000 NTD and 3500 NTD.
     There are approximately 10-12 courses and suitable for 8-10 people.
    ˙Seafood: Asian green mussel, stir-fried clams, steamed cod, stir-fried crab, etc.
    ˙Stir-fried with sesame oil: Stir-fried chicken with sesame oil, Stir-fried squid with sesame oil, Stir-fried Asian green mussel with sesame oil, etc.
    ˙Deep-fried: Deep-fried oyster, Deep-fried fish, grilled steak, Deep-fried squid, etc.
    ˙Quick-fried dishes: quick-fried pig’s intestines with shredded ginger, stir-fried beef with sartay sauce, omelet with basil leaves, etc.
    ˙Teppanyaki: Teppanyaki tofu, Teppanyaki oysters, Teppanyaki beef, etc.
    ˙Vegetables: There are all types of seasonal vegetables.
    ˙Rice and beverage are subject to charge apart from other dishes.

    【GPS】 N253.1806693 / E121.4204208

    【Traffic information】
    ˙Driving: Chungder Rd.- Dadu Rd.- Zhongzheng E. Rd.- Zhongzheng Rd.- Zhongshan Rd.- Danshui Old St.- destination
    ˙Public transportation: take MRT and get off at Danshui Station- Danshui Old St.- destination


    ◎Chinese version:佘家孔雀蛤大王

    B1F., No.55, Zhongshan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:02-86310526